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Monday, February 20, 2006

Sony KDS-R50XBR1

Sony scores with a slam-dunk on the first attempt to bring its high-end SXRD technology to the mainstream. This rear-projection HDTV’s 1080p-resolution picture, eye-catching design, and reasonable $4,000 price make it the set of choice in 50-inch screens — a size that’s just big enough for viewers to really dive into the excitement of HDTV.

The company took a jumble of tech jargon — three-chip, LCoS, discrete pixels, 1080p — and proved it’s more than just hype with a TV you know is special the moment you turn it on. SXRD is Sony’s unique spin on LCoS, a technology that had lagged behind DLP before Sony got into the game. The set’s SXRD light engine delivers exceptionally crisp, seamless pictures, and its powerful Auto Iris feature helps draw out deep blacks and solid shadow detail from the darkest movies. There’s also plenty to like here for sports fans — the superior contrast and natural color rendition can make a blustery afternoon game at Giants Stadium look just as real as if you were sitting at the 50-yard line.

Video connoisseurs will find a lot to like, too. In addition to a wide range of settings for tweaking the picture, the set offers a number of modes to help get rid of the grainy look that can plague standard-definition programs when they’re shown on a high-rez screen. There’s also the generous array of A/V connections. I could go on singing this Sony’s praises, but its Best Video Product award in a year packed with excellent, innovative TVs says it all.

Source: soundandvisionmag

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