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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

HP Pavilion MD6580n

HP might be best known for its expertise with PCs and printers, but its first big-screen rear-projection TV is a home run. An extra-sharp picture with deep blacks and vivid color make the $5,000 set the best-performing DLP HDTV I’ve ever reviewed.

A lot can go wrong when a PC maker tries to elbow its way into the living room, but HP did its homework for its line of rear-projection HDTVs. It started with Texas Instruments’ latest DLP technology, which offers the highest resolution yet: 1080p. But resolution alone does not an impressive picture make, and this TV’s color accuracy, depth of black, and clean processing all contribute to its excellent images. There’s also a very clever illuminated front input bay that will forever eliminate trips to the rear of the TV. And this is the only HDTV in its class that can accept tomorrow’s ultra-high-rez 1080p sources via its all-digital HDMI inputs. With these kinds of chops, HP’s MD6580n is the rare rookie who’s also a contender for MVP.

Source: soundandvisionmag

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