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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hitachi 32LD7200 - LCD TV

Some of the biggest gripes people have had with LCD TVs in the past have been with motion blur and contrast issues. These are areas that Hitachi’s 32LD7200 seems to have little problem with. Black really looks black, rather than grey, and there’s very little evidence of smearing during moments of fast motion.

And, while many of the screens managed to achieve high standards in these regards, when it came to our high-def tests, the 32LD7200 looked pretty good with a s t a n d a r d definition DVD pumped through one of its RGB Scart sockets.

Hitachi’s set is also one of the best-connected HDTVs on test. Not only does it feature that all-important HDMI socket, but it also finds room for DVI, VGA and component inputs, meaning that there are several different ways to get high-def content onto the screen.

The set also comes with a bevy of SD connections, including composite and Svideo. Usefully, each input has its own button on the remote control. This makes it much easier for users with lots of devices plugged into the screen to get straight to the input they want, rather than having to cycle through loads of others or call up an on-screen menu first.

It’s also possible to create different custom picture settings for each of your inputs rather than just having one universal setting. This may seem like a minor point, but it will save a lot of faffing around when switching between, say, broadcast TV and a DVD movie, which will most likely require quite different brightness,
contrast and saturation levels for optimal image quality. If you watch films over thecomponent connection, for example, you can assign this input a separate set of picture levels to those for your satellite TV input via Scart.

Like Acer AT3201W, the 32LD7200 has detachable sidemounted speakers, which is quite handy if you already have a home cinema setup and want to reduce the already svelte proportions of theTVfurther. If
you do opt to use the speakers, however, you’ll have to put up with some loose wiring round the back of the set.

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